Which massage to choose and other questions…

Which massage is the best?

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The best massage is the one, that siuts you best. The best way is to try different types. Here in our concerted centers in Tias and Playa Blanca, Lanzarote you have many types of therapists, I personaly was surprised with treatments, that I tought were not for me. If you don´t try you don´t know. Just like food. Although if you like it deep or relaxing, you love or you hate to have your feet touched etc…, all this is good to talk to your masseur, wellness recepcionist, herbalist, spa or wherever you are.

How much in advance should I book a massage?

Well, the best is to book it few days elier, as if you go to the Spa or call a masseur on the same day- you might stay without massage that day.

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Wha time is the best to get a massge?

The time, that you can be relaxed, that means no rushing in or out and not straight after a big meal. After the massage, most importantly it is recommended to have a relaxed day, if you want to get the most out of your massage and it is nearly contraindicated to go to work after that. And please, do not drink coffee because you feel sleepe, thats what it is about: live your nervous system a little bit of peace, even if it´s one day.

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Does a massge have to be painfull to be effective ?

Massage does not have to be painfull to be effective, pain is an alarm to let you know, that things are not going well. It could be unconfortable at times, but never painfull. If your masseur tels you to stand the pain- change the masseur. Massage needs to adapt to the customer, not the other way around.

How often do I go to the masseur?

You need to go preventively, that means with no pain. If you starting to feel pain, means you are late. If you know the benefits of massage, you know all you can gain. Do not put up with pain till the las moment, as that way you will need more time to recover. I would recommend once a month minimum. Apart from that, two weeks per year of intensive treatments «curas», the French have it very ingrained. If you get organized-you can do it.

How much is it to get massage on Lanzarote?

It depends on many factors, but the most expensive one does not have to be the best one. Try to decide based on recommendations. It is usually between 40€ and 60€ per hour, but as I say it depends on place, professional, type of massage etc…

With whom do I book massage?

I recommend with someone, who is his own boss, in other words selfemployed, the owner of the business always will take beter care of his customers. If you are on holidays, ask in town or village where you are, if few will give you the same name- there you have it.

Is massage good to improve sport performance?

It is an essential part, if you are training profesionaly and you looking for a greater contribution of nutrients for your muscles, it will have more elasticity, strenght and mobility. Helping reduce possible injuries.

Is facial massage efective to treat wrinkles?

woman doing a face masaje on Lanzarote

It is very efective, if we take in to account the contribution of a good cold pressed ecologic oil, is in my opinion the best what you can give to your body from the outside. I would recommend activating 20-30 minuts massage more often, in state of 90 minuts treatment once a month.

Is it advisable to go few days in a row to the masseur?

It depends, what type of massage. As I mentioned elier, sometimes holidays can be used instead of eating and drinking till we can no more in a hotel all inclusive, we can organize it to do intermittent fasting, sesions of yoga, massage etc…, prepare your holidays to be recovery gift for your body. You can save on type of accommodation and some other activities not very healthy once and invest it in you in stead. Your body and mind will be grateful. But, to answer this question, I tell you if it is relaxing massage, reflexotherapy, facial massage, where we don´t work on the same area, we could repeat it on dily bases, even though I would do maximum of 50 minutes per zone and no more than 2 weeks.

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